GTA 5 Cheats for PC GTA V console command

GTA 5 Cheats for PC GTA V console command
GTA 5 Cheats for PC GTA V console command – Some cheats have “TBA” next to them, which means we are still working out the keyboard combination for that particular cheat. For all other cheats, just enter the console command shown to activate the cheat (bring up the console with the tilde key ~).

Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5 Cheats for PC has been released!. You can check out the minimum and recommended system specs right here and also some of our recommended PC builds here. We also have a list of command lines you can choose to activate when loading up GTA V PC right here.

This is the full list of official cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) on the PC. To activate them you need to bring up the game console in GTA V on PC by using the tilde button on your keyboard (~). Then simply enter the cheat you want to use as below.

We have a bunch of notes that we highly recommend you read before using the cheats. Also make sure you check out the following hints and tips collections/guides (especially useful since there is no money cheat in GTA V!).

Player Effects

Cheat Effect Console Command
Cell Phone Cheats
GTA V now has cell phone cheats (in addition to button combinations)!
Click here to view all the phone numbers for the cheats below
Drunk Mode
Warning: do not attempt to operate heavy machinery!
Explosive Ammo Rounds
Also known as “Bang Bang”
Explosive Melee Attacks HOTHANDS
Fast Swim TBA
Flaming Bullets INCENDIARY
Works for 5 minutes before you need to re-enter the code
Lower Wanted Level TBA
Max Health & Armor TURTLE
Raise Wanted Level FUGITIVE
Recharge Ability
Recharges the special ability of your character
Spawns you mid-air for a skydiving free fall and no way to use a parachute! The only way to possibly survive is to press forward on the left analog stick and hit a wall or the ground head on
Slow Motion Aim
Enter 4x for increased effect, fifth time disables cheat
Super Jump
Leap tall buildings in a single bound. Hold Square (jump) for higher jumps


Cheat Effect Comment
Money Cheat
There is no money cheat code in GTA V – more details here
Instead we have money tips and a stock market guide


Cheat Effect Console Command
Equip and press X to use
Weapons TBA

World Effects

Cheat Effect Console Command
Change Weather
Rotates through sunny, clear, cloudy, smoggy, overcast, rainy, thundery, clearing and snowing
Moon Gravity
Enter a vehicle after activating this cheat to experience less gravity. Press O after jumping to float
Slippery Cars
Also known as drifting
Slow Motion
Enter 3x for increased effect, fourth time disables cheat


Cheat Effect Console Command
Spawn BMX
Yup, a BMX bicycle
Spawn Buzzard
Small attack helicopter
Spawn Caddy
Golf cart
Spawn Comet
Two door sports car
Spawn Duster
Crop duster plane
Spawn Limo
Spawn PCJ-600
Sports motorbike
Spawn Rapid GT
Two door sports car
Spawn Sanchez
Dual-sport (dirt) bike
Spawn Stunt Plane
Fixed-wing stunt plane
Spawn Trashmaster
Garbage truck
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