GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10

GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10

GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10

GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10

GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10 Not so long ago, almost all PC users excited the stunning news: 29th July 2015-year Microsoft has announced the release of its new operating system Windows 10. Of course, we were immediately excited by the question: will it also go to the game, like its predecessors? Unfortunately, not without some annoying bugs. In particular, many players happily downloaded or upgraded your old Windows to Windows 10, found that their favorite GTA 5 won’t run on this operating system. I can imagine your outrage if this happened would you? And if it does happen, then in this short article, you will find a simple answer to the question: how to solve the problem with the fact that GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10.

Run GTA 5 as AdministratorRun Steam as Administrator

The solution to this problem is quite simple: you just need to run all exe files associated with the game as Administrator. This means that if you, for example, the Steam version of the game, then as Administrator you need to run Steam. If you own the retail version of the game or, shame on your head, a pirated version, you need to run as Administrator the exe the GTA 5, as shown in the screenshots.

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2015-08-03 11:38:59

GTA 5 does not run on Windows 10

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  • Me2

    That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Thanks though.

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