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Accuracy Fix for GTA 5

Accuracy Fix for GTA 5 Accuracy Fix for GTA 5. Another pretty massive script for the game that change the accuracy of your opponents. With this script you will be able to customize the degree of accuracy of all NPCs in the game, changing the value from 0 (worst accuracy) to 100 (everyone is a young gangster from the slums will shoot no worse than an experienced sniper). Management: “J” – increase accuracy by 1; “K” – increase accuracy by 10. Download mod Accuracy Fix for GTA 5 without registration and totally for free from this page. Powered by Yandex.Translate  2016-07-29 18:05:07  Views: 90 Virus Detection Ratio: 0% (0/55)  Downloads: 3 Source: Accuracy Fix for GTA 5

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Executions for GTA 5

Executions for GTA 5 Behind jedijosh920 there are many interesting scripts and Executions for GTA 5 one of the most interesting. This mod will allow you to beautifully and effectively deal with the enemies (or random passers-by). As far as I could understand – the script works only with a conventional gun. You need to aim at the goal, being to her as close as possible and press “J” (key can be changed in the file Executions.ini). Then start a short cut-scene. Download the script Executions for GTA 5 absolutely for free. It does not require registration and is done in just one click from this page. Powered by Yandex.Translate  2016-07-29 09:48:53  Views: 107 Virus Detection Ratio: 0% (0/55)  Downloads:…

Галерея Фан-арта: Июль 2016

Галерея Фан-арта: Июль 2016 The previous issue of Fan-art Gallery was just a mounth ago and now there’s another one! Meet the fresh selection of the best fan-art for GTA Online by creative players from around the world! Today, in addition to arts, we’re in for something unusual. We won’t bore you with unnecessary introductions so lets start with our first today’s guest: GTA V Fan Art by Matt Slater Australian designer Matt Slater presents his latest work: stylish ads for Karin Futo and the Vapid Bullet. Charming in its simplicity, with a carefully preserved little but important details, like custom tires or livery. Deep Sea Adventures by oathDCR Cleverly merged together Snapmatic-photos with a dash of Photoshop are enclosed…

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BMW M6 E63 WideBody

BMW M6 E63 WideBody Knowing bugs:Missing some textures when doors open,need to fix steeringwheel. Features:LOD Working, Lights Working, Dials, Breakable Glass,Race Performance Kit.More Horsepower Higher TorqueAcceleration: 0-100km/h 3,0 SecTop Speed: 330 km/hDrivetrain: RearWDData based on tuned performance all upgrades. Changelog V0.1:Added Livery Pack, Added new Spoiler, Adjustet 2 Spoiler, Added flame spitting titan exhaustThe car comes without livery, to add a livery your choice, just replace the png/dds file inside zion2.ytd! white color is empty with livery. Source: BMW M6 E63 WideBody

VW T5 Swiss – GE Police

VW T5 Swiss – GE Police Credits: Model – Homerss Converted over to GTAV – Jonas Holland (TopMods ©) Texture’s/Material’s – TopMods © Police Lightbar and Leds – Rockstar games (TopMods ©) Skin : Molosse Plates : Molosse Vehicles.meta : Andrei9948 Source: VW T5 Swiss – GE Police

WMC Cliffhanger из GTA 5

WMC Cliffhanger из GTA 5 WMC Cliffhanger from GTA 5 – screenshots, features and a description of the motorcycle Western Motorcycle Company Cliffhanger is a motorcycle added to GTA Online as part of the Cunning Stunts update. Cliffhanger has good speed and handling. This motorcycle is worthy to be in your collection not as a showpiece that gathering dust for weeks after weeks, but as your loyal friend and participant in the races. Cliffhanger easily competes with Gargoyle – another bike, added in the Cunning Stunts update. Appearance of Western Motorcycle Company Cliffhanger based on the legendary Harley Davidson XR-750 from the world famous company Harley Davidson. This bike will surely hit all the bikers in GTA Online. You can…

Vapid Trophy Truck из GTA 5

Vapid Trophy Truck из GTA 5 Vapid Trophy Truck is powerful off-road vehicle, added to GTA Online as part of the Cunning Stunts update. The main advantage of Vapid Trophy Truck is its raised suspension. Its structure, large dampers and expansion joints allow the machine to land successfully even after long jumps and hardly feel bumps on the road, making it one of the best off-road vehicles in the game. Of course, Vapid Trophy Truck comes with with four-wheel drive, which improves its stability and behaviour off-roads. Thanks to the powerful engine. Trophy Truck has impressive acceleration and maximum speed. However, the weight and the location of the rear wheels often cause the car to oversteer on sharp turns, so…

Ocelot Lynx из GTA 5

Ocelot Lynx из GTA 5 Ocelot Lynx is a two-door sports coupe, added to GTA Online as part of the Cunning Stunts update. Ocelot Lynx has very average features for its class. It is very prone to oversteer. The car oversteer and understeer randomly and it is generally very unpredictable. However, it is still a sports car, which, in competent hands, can cause a lot of trouble to opponents in races. Ocelot Lynx is definitely for experienced drivers, especially considering its quality/price ratio. Appearance of Ocelot Lynx is based mainly on the Jaguar F-Type. The body shape of these two vehicles are almost identical. As for the other cars in GTA 5 Ocelot Lynx is most similar to Massacro. The…

New Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts

New Stunt Races and Vehicles Added to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts Try out the new Ocelot Lynx in Zebra, one of six brand-new Stunt Races added today to GTA Online: Cunning Stunts. The release of Cunning Stunts last week turned GTA Online racing upside-down, and now this week it expands to include six new adrenaline-pumping Races and 3 more stunt-ready vehicles.  SIX NEW RACESThe Super, Muscle, Sports, Bikes and Off-Road classes can compete, plummet and get airborne through rings of fire in a new collection of Races taking place throughout Los Santos and Blaine County: Afterburner (Bikes)There was a time when jumping through a wreath of flame on a poorly engineered chopper was enough to give even the most jaded patriot…

Fortune from GTA IV

Fortune from GTA IV Features:– Tunable with 4 extras: spoiler, rollcage, 2 bonnet air vents)– Interior and engine parts of the original GTA 5 Prairie– Working steeringwheel and dials– GTA 5 license plates– Breakable windows (with dirt and cracks on it)– Dirt– Correct direction of mirror reflection– Correct door opening– Working lights– Bullet impact– Correct window tint (no tint on lights)– Correct exhaust smoke position– Correct neon lights position– Correct platelight position– Wheels don’t disappear in the near distance Download Size: 4.7MB Source: Fortune from GTA IV

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