Crew Noticeboard: Scarlet Rogues, Dinero Mobb and More

Crew Noticeboard: Scarlet Rogues, Dinero Mobb and More

Crew Noticeboard: Scarlet Rogues, Dinero Mobb and More
The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively recruiting new members to join their ranks. We publish Crew recruitment pitches in their own words so that you know exactly what they’re all about.
This edition of the Crew Noticeboard features femme fatales, Mafia hitmen and undead MCs. So if you’re a player who is new to the world of Los Santos & Blaine County or a veteran looking to expand into something new you’re sure to find it here or by browsing one of the previous editions of Crew Noticeboard.
The Scarlet Rogues are a formidable group of femme fatales lead by their boss xLuckyBuzzardx. They are proud to be “exceptional” at Heists and can be found roaming the streets of Los Santos in bright red Super cars.

“I am the Leader of GTA 5 Crew “Scarlet Rogues”. The hierarchy currently consists of mainly players who are ranked above 200, and for who I can personally vouch are exceptional at Heists. I myself have completed the Pacific Standard’s Elite challenge twice with a couple of these guys. We are looking for like minded people who we can look out for and will look out for us in Freemode, complete some more Heists, races and Deathmatches, and generally be up for a laugh! We primarily consist of members above the age of 25. I am a genuine 18 carat gold female. (who is slightly above the age of 25!) So you can rest easy there won’t be any squeakers in your ear! (unless I’m having a bad day lol) Having said that we welcome people of all ages as long as you are friendly and talented! If you think our crew maybe for you, I am xLuckyBuzzardx on Xbox360.
Motto: Better Red than Dead”

Scarlet Rogues
Mainly focused on taking on the GTA Online Heists, the Anikii Crew (meaning Brother in Japanese) is a close-knit group with an emphasis on loyalty and getting the job done above all else. The Crew is small and relaxed with few rules to play by so will be perfect for those new to GTA Online.

“We are a Heist and Mission Grinding Crew, we get together and play Fleeca all the way to Pacific Standard, our shares are divided evenly (unless someone gives up their share or everyone on-board votes in favor). We have also been described numerous times as friendly, helpful and kind individuals. Members are free to do what ever they please without any limitations at all. We don’t have any specific clothing or “Uniforms” and don’t require any specific vehicles. 
Everyone in this Crew has a voice and they will be heard, we choose our Crew members first over anyone. If one of us gets attacked then our entire Crew is attacked and we will retaliate with extreme brute force. We treat each other like family, we play like family and we go out like a family.”

Members of the Anikii Crew showing off thier wares.

The dollar reigns supreme within the Dinero Mobb Crew. This Crew and its members are down for “everything imaginable” from Heists to Deathmatches and even car meets so if you’re looking to increase the size of your Maze bank account then this Crew may be for you.

“In the city of Los Santos there lurks darkness racing down the streets . No one, no car is safe from us. You must hide for Dinero Mobb is coming. This Crew does it all: everything imaginable. We have got power unheard of. We get respect that would make mobs jealous of us. Our riches will fill the Maze bank ten times over. Join Dinero Mobb today and save yourself.”

Dinero Mobb
The Sinagra Mob led by —HEARTLESS— is a Mafia role-play Crew that requires members to dress smart and drive Sports Classics whilst terrorizing the citizens of San Andreas. The Crew is on the hunt for more budding mobsters; check out the Crew’s YouTube channel and website for more info.

“Unlike most other Crews, who barely manage to specialize in one aspect, we thrive in many. From bragging rights in Freemode wars where we have not been pushed out once – essentially undefeated. Our structured organization that requires you to wear a suit, drive a Sports Classic and eventually have our tag saying ‘Sinagra’. Our secret sauce is the role-play aspects we bring that make you feel like you’re a part of the mob. We host weekly meetings and even in game ‘deals’ with other mafias, it’s truly something to try out!
With that being said we have numerous Youtube Channels and our own website
Motto: It’s not who is going to let us, it’s who is going to stop us.”

The many exploits of the Sinagra Mob Crew.

The Undead Outlaws MCC are a Motorcycle role-play Crew tearing up the streets of Los Santos captained by their fearless leader UOMCxSadisticz. Reputation is key to this band of brothers as they use their YouTube channel as a showcase for their previous Crew battles against other MCs. 

“The Undead Outlaws was founded by three close friends to be a Motorcycle club located in Los Santos. The Leader and Commissioner have ran successful Crews in other communities and wanted to give the MC community a try. We are looking for mature, respectable players, looking to have fun, do some role play and get to know your brothers in the club. You must have a mic and be willing to change your Gamertag in order to get patched in. Our main goal is just to have fun, in a relaxed and humorous environment. If you are interested add the Prez or the VP on Xbox one and send them a message. Prez: UOMCx Sadisticz. VP: UOMCx Threatz.
Motto: Ride with the best…..or get ran over!!!”

Of course, if you’re already part of a Crew on the lookout for some fresh faces, drop a link in the comments below along with your pitch. Alternatively you can hit us up at and let us know why we should feature your Crew on a future edition of the Crew Noticeboard.

Crew Noticeboard: Scarlet Rogues, Dinero Mobb and More

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