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Always backup ANY FILES you modify. If you download this software you agree that you do not hold me liable if you screw up and have to re-install the game.

Do you have modded RPF’s manually placed in your GTA Directory instead of using this manager? This manager will clean out ALL MODS when pressing GTA:Online, so either move your RPF’s to your GTA 5 Mod Manager folder or they will be deleted…:


How do I use this GTA 5 Mod Manager?

Watch This Video to learn how to use the manager.

I get an error saying I’m missing scripthookv. How do I fix this?

Script Hook V Download the latest version of scripthookv here and place scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll in your GTA 5 Mod Manager folder. Then press Reload Mods.

I get a malicious web alert for ‘’ what is this?

This website is a forwarding service to provide you with update notifications. This URL is safe and can be whitelisted, but if you don’t want to do so, you can block it. If you block it however, you will never recieve update notifications, but the software will still function correctly.

Why am I getting a ‘Your game is corrupt’ error message when starting the game?

This will happen if you put a modfied RPF in your game installation folder, but don’t have openIV.asi mod activated. Either activate that mod or restore the RPF with the original backup.

My mod is an XML, YTD, etc file. How do I use it with your manager?

Those files need to be merged in a RPF file, using the OPENIV program, before being able to be added to the mod manager. Please see the readme for your mod for installation instructions.

I’m getting an error saying the game wasn’t launched via steam. Help!

Go into options (The gear) and select ‘Setup Wizard’. Make sure you set your game to Steam , not Rockstar Warehouse. Once fixed, pressed Apply.

Rockstar Launcher is attempting to redownload the original RPF files I’m trying to mod. How do I stop this?

The latest version as of 6/1 of this mod manager, uses a new method to store modded RPFs (using the Mods folder). Make sure you’re on the latest version of OpenIV and are using the latest openIV.asi mod. There is also a setting in options to disable SC File verification. You can try using that setting as well.

For some reason my mods are not transferring to the program directory when enabling the mods in your manager. Why?

Symlinking has limitations of where it can be created. Make sure that your hard drive is formatted as an NTFS drive, and that the mods are stored on the same hard drive as the game. If you want to bypass this restriction, you can go into options and change symlink mode to File Copy Mode. This method takes longer to start your game, but it will solve your issues.

For fastest response if you need help, please contact me here.

Please see this thread for in depth details on using this manager.

  • Background Images Copyright Owner: Rockstar Games
  • UI Buttons/Layout help: Galazam

Download: 795cb3-GTAV Mod Manager


GTA V Mod Manager Changelog

If you are getting an error stating that the manager is not supported on this OS, you must white-list the following sites:

1.0.6379.16959 (6/19/2017 10:32AM PST)

  • Hide whitelist error on startup since it was due to the updatehost being down, not a whitelist issue
  • Added a toggle button in Options for those who want to use the GTAV update bypasser (F*ck Take-Two)

1.0.5703.12965 (8/13/2015 8:13AM PST)

  • Modified the automatic update URL to a new update server.
  • Please whitelist to guarantee that you receive automatic updates
  • Added an option to Disable Automatic updates for those who don’t want to whitelist the application/urls
  • Added a notification when the website is blocked during an update check

1.0.5702.17462 (8/12/2015 10:13AM PST)

  • Fixed an issue where double right clicking a mod would open the rename dialogue box
  • Modified the automatic update URL to a new update server.

1.0.5688.9657 (8/3/2015 1:30PM PST)

  • Added an ‘enabled mod’ filter checkbox
  • Added a mod filter text box
  • Added the ability to go to a mod based on the letter pressed (focus must be on the list for it to work)
  • Added extra checks to ensure a user doesn’t set up a folder mod in a way that would delete the update folder upon cleaning
  • Added Right click to open highlighted mods folder
  • Added Author/version detection for folder mod detection mode
  • Added an option to set a timeout limit for disable mods on exit (in setup wizard)

1.0.5667.11091 (7/8/2015 7:12AM PST)

  • Restored the Author and version information
  • Fixed a bug in Add mod.. when in folder mode, causing it to attach to a config file not related to the mod
  • Disable On Exit no longer shuts down the application after restoring
  • Fixed a bug where RPF mods were not automatically attaching the correct config file
  • Fixed an error when cleaning game folder of mods

1.0.5666.23120 (7/7/2015 1:52PM PST)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause errors when cancelling a disable on exit countdown and starting the manager back up again
  • Fixed a bug preventing some LSPDFR files from clearing from the directory after pressing GTA:Online

1.0.5666.11116 (7/7/2015 7:13AM PST)

  • Fixed a bug where some mods weren’t deleting from the GTAV program folder
  • Added better support for SinglePlayerGarage mod

1.0.5665.35932 (7/6/2015 8:55PM PST)

  • Fixed a major bug with imported RPF’s when using the new Folder Mod Detection
  • Added .cs support for configuration attaching
  • Added a wildcard option for filtering out configs when pressing Add Config

1.0.5665.23002 (7/6/2015 3:49PM PST)

  • Hovering over mods now show the full mod name in a tooltip
  • You can now scroll horizontally if the mod name is longer than the window
  • Added some additional error checking to resolve an unknown crash
  • Added a new Folder mode, which lets you organize your mods just like Nexus mod manager. You can enable this new feature in options. (Folder mode does not support symlinking, it will attempt to hardlink your files. If your mods are stored on a different drive it will automatically go into file copy mode.)
  • All Hardlink errors will automatically go into file copy mode if it needs to.
  • Deleting mods via the delete button will now move mods to your Recycle bin instead of permanantly deleting
  • Removed Author and mod version labels for now, since no modders are taking advantage of that feature.
  • Doubled the timeout for detecting GTA5 process when Disable on exit is enabled
  • Added display text to let you know that GTA5 was detected when using Disable on exit
  • Added the ability to subscribe for Beta updates in options
  • Changed the autoupdater default path from the temp folder to the current directory to prevent access issues on some pcs
  • Added errorchecking to the autoupdater

1.0.5659.20541 (6/30/2015 12:25PM PST)

  • Made the Managers window size persistent
  • Changed the wording of the Delete button to be more clear that it deletes the Highlighted mods, not the checked mod
  • Added the ability to delete more than one mod at a time
  • Delete Mod now also deletes its associated config file if it exists

1.0.5652.9718 (6/23/2015 6:28AM PST)

  • Added LSPD:FR support. Just create a folder in your gtav mods\ folder called ‘lspdfr’ and put all the mod files in that folder.
  • Added the ability to resize the manager window. Hover your mouse over the bottom and/or right side to resize.

1.0.5637.9171 (6/8/2015 6:09AM PST)

  • Fix tooltip typo
  • Added support for saving log files for scripthook/dxgi/etc. Just put a copy of the log in your mods folder and it will automatically transfer when mods are loaded.

1.0.5633.9086 (6/2/2015 6:04AM PST)

  • Added a debug reporting feature (Right click the Options gear) to create a report to send to me when you have issues.
  • Fixed a non-common issue where the mods folder isn’t created when activating RPF mods
  • Added a feature to backup your mod information to file (Right click the ‘Reload Mods’ button) To restore from this backup you need to right click the ‘Add mods..’ button
  • Fixed an issue where a user has multiple RPF mods of the same RPF and having one disabled would disable them all in some circumstances.

1.0.5630.26244 (6/1/2015 3:33PM PST)

  • Fixed an issue where RPF’s wouldn’t copy if a user imported an RPF but the path saved didn’t match due to case-sensitivity

1.0.5630.21271 (6/1/2015 12:49PM PST)

  • Hotfix for dxgi.dll support (minor typo in detection)

1.0.5630.11786 (6/1/2015 7:37AM PST)

  • Support for latest OpenIV.asi. RPF mods will now symlink to the ‘mods’ folder instead of overriding your original game files. You must update to this version of openIV for your RPF mods to work! If you manually store RPFs in this mods folder instead of using the import modded RPF wizard, THEY WILL BE DELETED WHEN PRESSING GTA:ONLINE
  • Fixed potential conflict with bypass mode
  • Added support for SweetFX dxgi.dll
  • Removed “ Running” from the background image when options is selected (cosmetic)
  • Added a file copy progress bar for importing RPF’s to let users know the program isn’t frozen when the file size is large (2gb)
  • Added a file copy progress bar for starting the game modded when you have your manager set to file copy mode instead of symlink mode so users know the program isn’t frozen when the number of files to transfer is large.

1.0.5626.9879 (5/28/2015 6:31AM PST)

  • Added an option to bypass social club file verification (Rockstar Warehouse only)
  • Added tooltips to the options so users can clearly understand what option does which.

1.0.5625.11214 (5/27/2015 7:19AM PST)

  • Fixed an issue where disabling ‘socialclub offline’ feature would prevent “Disable on Exit” from working
  • Fixed an issue where settings changed in the Setup Wizard didn’t take effect until saving twice

1.0.5624.11509 (5/26/2015 7:19AM PST)

  • Fixed an issue where the high priority tweak in options would say Disabled when it is actually Enabled
  • Added scroll bar to the config text box
  • Fixed an issue where disabling vb dot net scripts will not re-enable
  • Fixed an issue when adding or removing scripthook files , pressing reload wouldn’t detect them properly.
  • Added scripthookvdotnet.dll as a mandatory file if scripthookv.dll doesn’t exist
  • More error checking

1.0.5620.11281 (5/22/2015 7:19AM PST)

  • Mod list is now sorted Alphabetically (will automatically resort if you rename a mod as well)
  • Tweaked the layout of the Options menu to accommodate the added options from the previous update

v1.0.5619.10165 (5/21/2015 6:40AM PST)

  • Added the ability to use custom commandline.txt arguments (Accessible in options)
  • Added the ability to choose if socialclub goes in offline mode or not while using mods (Accessible in options)
  • Fixed the firewall rule option to still remove the firewall block no matter which mode is set (in case the user set the firewall rule on before disabling the feature)

v1.0.5617.17606 (5/19/2015 10:51AM PST)

  • Had to revert direct linking to the youtube tutorial video back to the reddit post, some reason linking to youtube flags one of the virusTotal checks

v1.0.5617.14938 (5/19/2015 9:21AM PST)

  • fixed a crash when a user tries putting invalid filename characters in the “Friendly Name” for imported RPF Files
  • Added a new update window, and gave “Check 4 Updates” a reply when no updates are found so you don’t think it’s not working
  • All mods disable if you press “Delete selected mod” to prevent users from deleting active mods
  • Changed help button to open the youtube tutorial video
  • fixed an issue where choosing a custom install path would be overwritten if the user had a different install path in the registry
  • Now mods folder is rescanned automatically if user changes mod storage location in setup wizard
  • Now Migrate Mods will prevent a user from migrating symlinked files (if they press migrate after enabling mods, which you shouldn’t do!!)

v1.0.5616.21507 (5/18/2015 9:21AM PST)

  • added a “Copy file mode” for those who are unable to create symlinks (exFat drives, installs on separate hard drives etc) This can be toggled in Options
  • No longer creates a crash log if an RPF is imported without its config file, you will still get a warning though
  • Decreased Initial application startup time
  • Fixed a bug that would cause error messages when a user quit the first time setup before pressing Accept
  • Fixed an application freeze if a user starts the game with “Disable On Exit” enabled, but have the wrong Game type selected
  • Added a timeout countdown if a user presses singleplayer/GTA:online but GTA5.exe doesnt launch (timeout is about 60 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue where the delete mod info remains in the program after pressing Delete Mod
  • Fixed an issue where the program would still say “No Mods Installed” after adding your first mod, but before restarting the manager
  • Fixed a crash when a user tried to import a mod that already existed in the mods folder
  • Removed the ability to add .RPF files via Add Mod.. as it was causing confusion
  • Fixed typo in TOS
  • Added a file-gate to prevent mods put in wrong folders from showing up as installed
  • Fixed an issue where dot net dll mods would not disable even when unchecked

v1.0.5614.21967 (5/16/2015 1:15PM PST)

  • Quick fix – Fix crash on using SweetFX profiles
  • Updated Assembly info of this software to reflect my information. This is going to reset your settings so doublecheck it!, sorry about that!

v1.0.5613.20630 (5/15/2015 12:52PM PST)

  • Automatically migrates OpenIV.asi to your mods folder if it’s not there, but in your game install folder (only does this if you have openIV installed)
  • Added more clarification on a few messages to prevent confusion I’m seeing
  • optimised some code (backend stuff)
  • More dang error checking added
  • fixed a bug where .FX files wouldn’t remove themselves from the Game Directory when pressing GTA:Online
  • LUA support is still slightly finicky when trying to disable some .lua mods but enable others. Please contact me for a temporary fix to the lua loader if you have problems (headscript is in the process of making those changes for the next release of his mod)

v1.0.5612.18659 (5/14/2015 11:16AM PST)

  • fixed crash for users missing the correct Install Path Registry key
  • fov.ini now shows correctly as a mod and can be edited directly in the manager.
  • Putting version.txt in your mods folder will no longer overwrite the games version.txt file
  • Put a modded copy of GTA5.exe (intro videos removed) in your mods folder will now load this file instead of the games executable. The original is backed up to GTA5.exe.original but I recommend to ALWAYS make a personal backup of game files when modding them.
  • Re-wrote how the software adds and removes files from the GTAV directory
  • Added warnings for trying to start mods without having scripthook installed
  • Added warnings for trying to import an RPF when you don’t have openIV.asi installed
  • Changed the verbiage on first time setup to make it clear when an option is highlighted. Remember, ORANGE = Selected.
  • Fixed a incompatibility issue with lua loader when loading singleplayer with disabled LUA mods.
  • added a warning dialogue to the RPF wizard. You are responsible for creating your own backups!!!
  • Fixed an issue where the Setup wizard would have the correct version picked but the program was still trying to load the wrong version.
  • Re-wrote the migration tool to backup your entire scripts folder before attempting to migrate any existing mods out of your game directory.
  • More error logging!

v1.0.5611.12235 (5/13/2015 7:31AM PST) First Official Version Release!

  • Added RPF Support!
  • Created a simple RPF Import wizard. Backups are made by the manager, but I recommend you make your own as well!
  • Added even more error checking (never enough it seems)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to import a mod when the config file already exists in the mod directory
  • Tweaked SweetFX support as some users were reporting issues loading FX profiles when symlinked
  • RPF mods will no longer show if OpenIV.asi doesn’t exist as an installed mod
  • LUA mods will no longer show if there is no lua loading asi installed.
  • Fixed a freezing issue when a user tries to load GTA5 as the rockstar warehouse version when they own the steam version

v0.1.5610.14225 (5/12/2015 8:57AM PST)

  • Enabled Automatic updates (no more zip downloads)
  • Removed AutoUpdate.Net.dll as it was causing a lot confusion for some users
  • Added Mod migration feature (in Options) will move all your mods out of your GTAV program folder
  • Added a Reload Mods button
  • Added SweetFX support
  • Fixed a bug where adding scripthook and other loading dlls through “add mod” would put it in the DotNet Installation directory …/scripts/
  • Changed text when no mods are installed from generic template
  • Added python plugin support

v0.1.5609.29118 (5/11/2015 5:08PM PST)

  • Fixed an issue Where the manager may crash on some systems (rare)

v0.1.5609.26612 (5/11/2015 3:50PM PST)

  • Fixed an issue when trying to use dsound.dll for the fov fix, or if it was renamed. If you still have issues, make sure dsound is in the file name.
  • Added more error checking for mod importing, in case something goes wrong on your system

v0.1.5609.23533 (5/11/2015 2:06PM PST)

  • Quick hotfix to resolve issue where main.lua was being disabled when it shouldn’t have the option to

v0.1.5609.21390 (5/11/2015 12:55PM PST)

  • .dll .cs .vb files in the scripts\ folder are detected as DotNet_Mods
  • Dot Net mods are only scanned and added to the list of mods if scripthookvdotnet.dll is present
  • LUA mods are only scanned and added to the list if lua.asi or lua_sdk.asi are present
  • Dot net mods that you leave unchecked will rename to modname.dll.disabled to prevent them from loading. The .disabled is removed the next time the manager runs.
  • Directly edit LUA files in the manager. Should auto attach when selected.
  • Injection/hook Dll files in the main mods folder are no longer displayed as mods
  • Using Add Mod.. Now puts lua and dotnet mods in the right folders
  • Support for ScripthookVDotNet asi mod added

v0.1.5609.13630 (5/11/2015 8:34AM PST)

  • Added the ability to rename mods (double click their names)
  • Added the ability to attach config files (now remembers the file you selected)
  • Added the ability to disable all mods on exiting GTA5.exe (Setting is located in setup wizard)
  • Reworked config auto detection (should work most of the time without you having to attach manually)
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