Knight Rider: K.I.T.T [.NET] 2.6.1 for GTA 5

Knight Rider: K.I.T.T [.NET] 2.6.1 for GTA 5

Mod Knight Rider: K. I. T. T [.NET] 2.6.1 for GTA 5 adds to the game invulnerable and super-fast car K. I. T. T. from the American television series and the movie Knight Rider. Mod adds both versions of the machine – from the TV series 1982-the year 2008 and year. Also, it should be mentioned that both cars can drive on water. To work correctly requires version of the game between 1.0.335.2 and 1.0.393.2, and the following programs: ScriptHookV, ScriptHookV .NET, Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, Visual C++ for 2013 (x64).

1. Make sure your version of GTA 5 meets the requirements and everything is installed.
2. Move all the mod files in the Scripts folder, in the root directory of GTA 5.
3. Run the game as Administrator and enjoy.


1. F10 – toggles mod.
2. “Num+” – opens the menu.
3. “Num1” to follow the player or to cease to follow the player.
4. “Num2” – navigate to the destination point on the map.
5. “Num-” – remove K. I. T. T.

Both versions of the machine:
1. “Num4Num6” machine stands on two right or left wheels, remaining in this position.
2. “Num5 button” load and fire a rocket.
3. “Num8” – activate AMY, disables any nearby cars.
4. “Num9” – equips the player with a gun and armor.
5. “Shift” – throws the car up.

1. “Num0” to open the menu transformation.
2. “Num2” – to charge and shoot a minigun.
3. “Num3” – activate the fire extinguisher.
4. “Num/” – camouflage.
5. “Num*” hold – parachute (only works in the air).
6. “Ctrl+Num2num5 button” – remove weapons.

1. “Num0” – acceleration.
2. “Num2” is a smokescreen.

Free download mod Knight Rider: K. I. T. T [.NET] 2.6.1 for GTA 5, you can follow the corresponding links.

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Knight Rider: K.I.T.T [.NET] 2.6.1 for GTA 5

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